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The catastrophic floods of Boxing Day 2015 devastated towns and cities across the North of England. Home and business owners were left counting the cost.

The rising water levels left roads closed and office buildings inaccessible to employees. Companies were deprived of essential services such as electricity, telecoms and internet connectivity. Even those that escaped the floods found themselves cut-off because their providers suffered damage to their infrastructure.

That was the case at York-based short break specialist, and NGC Networks client, SuperBreak. Even though its upper floor offices escaped flooding, its telecoms were down because initially they lost power in the flooded basement, and also BT’s exchange in York suffered a Major Service Outage.

SuperBreak prides itself on excellent customer service so it was essential to keep disruption to a minimum. Fortunately, the company had a disaster recovery plan in place, which was quickly activated.

Buses were laid on to transport customer service representatives to a disaster recovery centre in Wakefield, from where the business could maintain service levels.

NGC Networks’ staff acted quickly to divert SuperBreak’s phone lines and put measures in place to cover various possible scenarios, should the diversions be unstable, and to assist with the management of the relocation back to York.

NGC engineers also attended the site in York and monitored the BT situation to ensure that normal service could be resumed as quickly as possible with minimum impact to SuperBreak.

As a result of this experience, SuperBreak is now looking to enhance its disaster recovery solution to enable it to stay in its York premises if flooding occurs again.

Natural disasters cannot be prevented but businesses can minimise the impact.

The Boxing Day floods underlined the need for companies to have a robust disaster recovery solution that protects customer service.

NGC is experienced in such solutions and we enable companies to respond quickly when such incidents occur.



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