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The clamour for 4G – the latest generation of wireless, mobile communication – is revolutionising the use of data on smartphones.

Mobile phone owners are experiencing faster data speeds than previous network generations when it comes to sending and receiving texts, emails and images as well as going online.

But while 4G may well be revolutionary in terms of mobile data, there are still issues with voice – making and receiving telephone calls.

Smartphones are essentially a pocket computer which makes them great for data but not ideal for making telephone calls. Business users rely heavily on making mobile voice calls, but unfortunately important calls are being missed or being cut off midway through their conversations while on the move.

It should be remembered that even with such advances in mobile technology, actually talking on the telephone remains vital to so many businesses and we need to make sure voice telephony isn’t forgotten in the clamour for faster data speeds.

Paul Campbell, of Effective Group – a Leeds-based digital specialist company – experiences frequent problems with his mobile signal on his journey to work from Barnsley. “Using my smartphone to access emails and go online is fantastic, but the problem comes when I’m out and about – I can be making sales calls or talking to clients and suddenly I lose them. It’s incredibly frustrating and yet making and receiving calls is so important to running a business.”

Mark Ambler, managing director of IT solutions provider Blue Logic, Leeds, commented: “4G will no doubt be invaluable to people using their smartphones for data-heavy activities such as uploading files and streaming TV. But it is rumoured to be causing the mobile signal quality fluctuations – and therefore interruptions to business calls – that I and other people are currently experiencing.”

So will these issues end anytime soon? The major networks need to seriously address this issue as it really hampers business productivity.

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